Hot Spring Bath Pricing
Subject Price Weekdays Weekend
Hot Spring Yuya
(2 people)
$1,200 $700 $900
Ubud Suite
$1,980 $1,300(Off season)
$1,300(Peak season)
$1,300(Off season)
$1,500(Peak season)
Kaman Suite
$2,800 $2,100 $2,400
Villa Suite
$8,800 $4,800 $4,800
  • Subject to price on site should there be price changes.
  • The Exquisite Hot Spring Yuya may accommodate 2 people.
  • The extension fee for hot spring bath at Yuya will start from NTD 300 per hour, and the extension fee for resting at suites will start from NTD 600 per hour.
  • A 10% surcharge for services will incur for resting at suites.
  • Definition of Holiday: Saturdays, Sundays, Consecutive Holidays and National Holiday.
  • Guests will be charged at list price on New Year’s Eve holiday(s) and consecutive holidays in Chinese New Year.
The Exquisite Hot Spring Yuya

The resort supplies the purest and most natural seabed hot spring across all of Taiwan, which also meets all health standards, making us the holy land of deluxe hot spring favorited by connoisseurs enjoying premium hot springs.

Open-air Bath

The seabed hot spring supplied in “The Loft Seaside Suites” is the pure and natural spring combining characteristics of both oceanic therapy and sulfur springs. The sulfur spring line in this location is originally from the volcanic mountains of Mt. Datun whose spring vein flows through Yanmingshan, Beitou, Jinshan, Wanli, etc. As the spring erupts near the coastline, “The Loft Seaside Suites” therefore excavates the precious seabed hot spring.

The mineral ions at gushing point blending with the spring of seabed hot spring forms a special sulfur chloride hot spring which facilitates skincare, fat burning and fatigue relief, furthermore soothing the discomfort brought about by chronic diseases if bathed in such spring in the long run! Frequent bath in seabed hot spring will relieve skin diseases, gynecological disease, neural pain and shoulder and neck sore, etc. The seabed hot spring with fragrance and a hue of salt smell is definitely your only choice for soothing your body and mind.